Country flag Where to buy Bitcoin in Chile

There are 2 brokers available to buy Bitcoin in Chile.

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  1. BudaBuda

    Buda, formerly known as SurBTC, is a cryptocurrency exchange from Chile, active since 2015. It promotes security, liquidity and high availability (99.9% uptime) as its main advantages. However, it is not available to US investors due to legislative issues. The platform features a variety of trading views, but is criticized for high trading fees, being 0.80% for buyers and 0.40% for sellers. The withdrawal fee, however, is competitive, and the platform accepts bank transfer as a deposit method, but not credit cards.

    • Price
      $ 61,106,539.00
    • Vol
  2. SatoshiTangoSatoshiTango

    SatoshiTango is an Argentinian cryptocurrency broker and wallet service founded in 2014. It allows users to buy, sell and store various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. SatoshiTango is known for its accessibility and easy-to-use interface, catering to both beginners and experienced traders. The platform offers several payment methods and has expanded its services to serve users in several Latin American countries, contributing to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the region.

    • Price
      $ 60,769,377.00
    • Vol